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Thompson Cigar has their Premium Powerhouse Combo available for $19.95.

Combo Contains:

1 Legacy Box Press
1 Legacy Double Maduro
1 VS Series 55 White
1 VS Series 55 Black
1 VS Limited Reserve Cameroon
1 VS Limited Reserve Connecticut
1 VS Cabinet ’99 Connecticut
1 VS Cabinet ’99 Maduro
1 PDR Habano
1 PDR Cameroon
1 PDR Connecticut
1 Don Rafael Vintage 2004
1 Double Guillotine Cutter
1 Ultra Reliable Butane Lighter
1 BONUS Cherrywood Finish Humidor!

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Premium Powerhouse Combo (12 Cigars) + Extras $19.95, 4.7 out of 10 based on 82 ratings
  • bostonbillcollector

    Hey fellas…Looks like this deal is up and running again…There was an issue with the offer, and it wasnt being offered for sale any longer…Thats because it was too good a deal…15 better quality Victor Sinclairs, and same deal otherwise…But it isnt a bad deal …I would be happy to smoke any one of ’em

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