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Arturo Fuente Xtra Rare Holiday Collection 2015

Submitted 2 years ago by casManG
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Though they aren't always readily available, Arturo Fuente cigars sell fast when they're in stock. With patience and painstaking handcraftsmanship, the famed Fuente family has been producing affordably-priced cigars with outstanding quality for generations. Blended with tobaccos grown exclusively on the family's estate farms in the Dominican Republic, expect a cigar that's always rich in taste, well-balanced, and satisfying. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of these cigars, do so now!

2 A Fuente Hemingway Classic
2 A Fuente Double Chateau
2 A Fuente Opus X Perfeccion X
2 A F Double Chateau Sun Grown
2 Fuente Magnum R R54

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