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Flatbed Cigars Mild-Medium Grab Bag

Submitted 1 year ago by FlatbedCigarCompany
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Ok, these are all Flatbed Cigar Company blends. Like our other 4 and 5 packs of Factory Seconds, these are first Quality in taste/blends, but not perfect in manufacturing. The roll may be off a little bit. The cap may not be 100% perfect. The wrapper may have blemishes that we don't think are first quality. So....we have this great 5 pack "grab bag". These are blends, other than the 4 and 5 packs shown, that are not a s high volume, so we don't have as many 2nds. So...we do the "grab bag" approach. Each time you purchase, you will most likely get a different combination of cigars. Blends will all be full bodied with strengths ranging from mild to medium. Enjoy!

5 Flatbed Cigar Co. Cigars


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FlatbedCigarCompany - Oct 11, 2019 @ 01:22pm
You will love this sampler.

Flatbed Cigars are " The greatest cigar you probably never smoked" ... The Cigar Volant

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