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JUMBO-NORMOUS 7x70 FLAVOR-BOMB JAWNS….scrumptious premiums from Esteli, Nicaragua

Submitted 3 weeks ago by cigarpage
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Hey. Ho. LFG! These here Long Jawns are honest to Abe about the biggest big-ringers I’ve ever seen. One of the boys tossed me a bundle the other day and it damn near took my arm off. Not cuz the fella was a Nolan Ryan doppelganger throwin’ high heat (in fact the dude’s more a shorter, beardier version of Olive Oil… surprised he could pick these sticks up at all let alone chuck em to me), but ‘cuz they weigh about 2 stone each. YUUUGE I tells ya. Indeed, jumbo-normous premium goodness hailing from the cigar capital of the world, Esteli, Nicaragua. I'm talking two wrapper options: a hearty dark brown Habano and/or golden Shade graced stunners, both totes tasty made with top-notch long-leaf, expertly blended to be these finely-tuned firsts I bring before you today. Bigger than big, these are behem-ythical in the physical and flavorful sense the samsie.

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