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OUTTA DA BOX: BOX CLEARANCE SALE UP TO 78% OFF…quality brands you need to own

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It's back and sizzlier than ever! I gotta run this one at least once a month because Jones from Accounting keeps hounding me about overstock inventory, and believe me when I tell you Jones is a total killjoy. But he's right: overstock inventory is a constant problem. Bad forecasting, mis-shipments from factories, buying blunderbuss, you name it. This list is a dog's breakfast of such inventory. Overstock boxes of premium blends that I need to adios from the building. All are solid, handmade blends packed in boxes. Our on hand inventory ranges from the mildly heavy to the wildly overstocked. And these prices are below wholesale - and in some cases waaayy below - so I'm hoping you'll help me skinny down our on-hand quantities. See anything you like?

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