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Big ole Camacho mazos from $3.40 a stick. Can't beat 61% off.

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Big ole Camacho mazos of 20 and 25 on sale at deep, deep discounts....61% off. Headlining today's act are Camacho Scorpion and their O.G. classic Corojo. 2 rump shaker blends that are beefy in body with bigtime spice. Scorpion brings 2 rich and flavorful options that are a study in contrasts. Sun Grown is peppery and very full whilst Connecticut is smooth, medium bodied and creamy. Then there's Camacho Corojo....a reddish, zesty Corojo leaf wrapper conceals a Corojo Ligero binder and yup, you guessed it, Corojo long fillers to finish off the recipe of these hot sauce Honduran Puros. An intense and flavorful smoke. Take your pick, up to 61% bonus mazo savings while they last!
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