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Another sweet deal notification from BostonBillCollector, has 50% off of Select 5-Packs if you use the promocode on the page.  It’s not a huge selection, but you may be able to find something you like…

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BostonBillCollector let us know that has their  3 For 5 Deal available for $5. From the Site: Sampler includes a Macanudo Cafe, a top-notch Mild-bodied cigar. Gurkha Beauty, which sports a smooth and seamless premium Connecticut wrapper for a mild yet flavorful experience; and an Ave Maria, a medium-bodied smoke originating in Nicaragua.  Thanks for the heads up BBC!

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Rating: +6 (from 6 votes) has their Xikar AshCan Combo Pack available for $20.99.

Includes: Eight cigars packed alongside a Xikar AshCan car ashtray and branded Inpress lighter. You’ll receive two each of HC Series habano, Criollo, Connecticut, & Maduro.

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Hey everyone, we have a new sponsor so head on over and show them some love for supporting what we do here at Amazing Cigar Bargains!

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Field Supply has their 5 Pack Discount Sale going on right now.  I’m gonna grab the 5 pack of 10th anniversary which looks to be $5 less than what they normally charge.  Looks like a good time to stock up.

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Rating: 0 (from 2 votes) has their Cuban Heritage Ashtray Combo available for $19.99.
Deal Includes:

1 x H. Upmann Reserve Maduro Churchill (7.0″x48)
1 x Romeo y Julieta Viejo ‘E’ (6.0″x54)
1 x Trinidad Habano Reserve Toro (6.0″x54)
1 x Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Toro (6.0″x56)
1 x Siglo Limited Reserve Torpedo (6.0″x54)
1 x Stinky Jr. Ashtray

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UPDATE:  I just updated the expired link so this should work now.

Just got a heads up from Hosey that has their Introductory Sampler available for only $5!

Sampler Contains:
Ramón Bueso Genesis
XIKAR HC Series Maduro American Label
Gurkha Class Regent

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Field Supply has their Super Premium 5-Pack-Apalooza going on right now and its a doozy!  Looks like they have most of their 5 packs discounted and I would be lying if I said they weren’t already a good deal at their normal price.  Head on over and check out the deal because it expires soon!

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 Hey All, just got a note from Patrick over at Field Supply and they have a 1 Day deal on the Gurkha’s (Approx . 70% off – 1.99 to 2.39 per stick) Ends 11/13/2014 so jump on it fast if you want by clicking here.

ALSO, he mentioned that they got a good supply of NUB cigars in and they are 40% off through the end of the year…hopefully you find something you like.

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Our friend Wes just sent in a pretty sweat deal.  Thompson Cigar has their Hammer & Sickle Super 6 Assortment available for $19.95.  Also, if you are looking to try some botique blends, Thompson has their Boutique Blends Sampler (8 Cigars) available for $24.95

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