New Site Framework and Updates!

Well, it has ben years since I updated the main code framework behind Amazing Cigar Bargains so it is now updated and simplified using WordPress as the backend! Why you say? **Technical Description Warning** The original framework used was the Laravel Framework for PHP but the issue with that is I don’t have enough time to constantly update my PHP framework source code so I end up getting behind and then the site is stuck running on old software that I don’t’ have the expertise to update. **Technical Description Complete** Needless to say, I decided to use the WordPress platform that, while normally used for blogs, can be used for more advance applications. I’m very happy with this solution so far because I have so many built in features ready to go as well as built in security features for the site.

Anyway, hope you all are still enjoying the site and please let me know any suggestions or site features you would like to see!

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