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A.helluva value. A. Turrent San Andres lovelies from a BUCK TWENTY per stick.

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Not long ago I mentioned a new load of lovelies from the good Family Turrent were enroute, set to wash up on the sunny shores of Cigar Page island any day now. Surely you remember, since you lovingly pore over every word written in the hallowed emails from CP. Probably marked your calendar, checked da Page daily, and asked Alexis Whatshername for an update. No? Don't sweat it, I'm no steel trap either but what I am is pumped!. The deal is sealed and it’s a flat out steal! Starting $1.20 per stick shipped free, this brand new mazo action is the sneaky best value in handmades. What's different goes beyond just pretty packaging. It's well-fermented long-filler tobaccos, grade A wrapper leaf, a full array of vitolas, and extra aging.

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