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AVO 10-PACK MADNESS…93-rated Syncro is 55% off

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Avo Syncro was a flat-out hit that added to Avo's impressive credentials with a 93 rating and Top 25 of the Year designation. This family consists of 3 distinct blends: Avo Syncro Nicaragua (also known as Syncro I), Nicaragua Fogata (aka Syncro II), and Syncro South America (Syncro III). Like all Davidoff products the blends are solid but the retail prices are up in the stratosphere. Just for grins, I price-compared us this morning versus the other dipshits....the best any of them do is give you 10% off on box purchases. That's still north of 10 bucks per stick (plus shipping charges)! Over here at Cigar Page the white hats are serving up a full-on 55% off, and that brings buy-ins down to around 4 bucks a stick shipped free.
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