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O IS FOR OMG. OLIVA FACTORY SECONDS....get 1st crack at Oliva 2nds right now!

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Oliva Cigar Co. is all that and a bag o' chips. A 94+ rated bag of chips that is. Yes indeed, Oliva's Serie O, Serie V, and their masterpiece de irresistance Melanio have scored as high as 94, 95, and 96 respectively. Sheeesh! But the real cray thing is the whole portfolio is somehow consistently affordable from soup to nuts. Speaking of nuts, even though Oliva's impressive fam of 1sts ain't overpriced in any sense, right now you can score bundles of their factory '2nds' for cents on the dollar. Here's the scoop, when factories have high standards like Oliva, you get a lot of 2nds: cigars that due to cosmetic blemishes (that only the most OCDable ppl could even spot more often than not) don't get the full bougie box n band treatment. Instead these, (for examples sake, Serie Gs or Serie Vs or whathaveyou) get bundled up in budget conscious mazos and shipped quick-like right from the factory to da Page.
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