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THE THRIFTY MAN'S DREAM DEAL….30+ tenskis >> $25 and under

Submitted 2 weeks ago by cigarpage
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For some of you gents, this deal has all the allure of dry toast and tap water. If that's you, carry on ironing the ascots and waxing the Bentley. We'll catch up again tomorrow. But many of us see this and experience a sudden itchy feeling around the neck and shoulder area. That's the high cotton we're standing in! The Thrifty Thirty dealio brings you all 10-packs priced 25 bucks or under...and delivered free. The savings pile up to an absurd 83% off retail, to say nothing of taxes and shipping fees the other rascals hang around your neck. Easy pickin's: eye up the tenskis, throw a bunch in cart, proceed to party.
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